Is Your AC Ready for Replacement?

ac-technicianGeez, summer isn’t even over yet then we’ve got all winter to get through. Why are we talking about replacing ACs already?

Well, because it pays to be prepared. If your air conditioner is struggling to get through the end of the summer, and repairs are no longer justified due to age or overall dissatisfaction with the system, why wait until next summer? Doesn’t it make more sense to get out ahead of the problem, rather than to wait for summer to be on the horizon once more?

Even if you’re not necessarily thinking about replacing your system immediately, it is always a good idea to keep some reasons for replacement in mind. When you get used to a “pretty decent” performance from your air conditioner, it can be easy to forget that you deserve so much more! In today’s post, we’ll cover some reasons why homeowners might want to seriously consider an AC replacement. We’re here for your air conditioning services in New Hampshire.

First Things First: Age Isn’t Everything

Some homeowners think that a relatively new air conditioner is never a candidate for replacement. Others think that very old air conditioners are always living on borrowed time and thus are always contenders for replacement. As with most things in life, the truth isn’t quite so black and white—you’ll find it somewhere in between.

Does this mean that you should discount age entirely as it relates to the need for professional air conditioning replacement? No, of course not. While system age is not quite the deciding factor that you may think it is, it is definitely a valuable factor in putting the big picture into focus. Consider it in relation to other factors for help in determining if replacement is your best option.

Pay Attention to Energy Costs

In this day and age, when we pay so many bills electronically and even automatically, it can be difficult to remember that it’s real money we’re dishing out. If you’re not paying too much attention to your bills, and things are generally within the ballpark you’re expecting, it is easy to overlook spikes in energy costs. The big ones you’ll likely notice, but incremental increases can sometimes slip by.

Pay attention to what you’re paying in utilities once you’ve got your air conditioner back up and running. If it seems like energy efficiency is really slipping and running your AC is driving up your energy costs, you want to resolve that problem. It may mean replacing an old system that is no longer as efficient as it once was, despite regular maintenance, or it may mean investing in a system with a better efficiency rating if you now have the funds to do so when you didn’t at the initial time of purchase. Older systems may simply not have been engineered with today’s efficiency standards in mind.

Repairs Aren’t Always Justified

Age plays a big role in this one. We have great AC technicians that can resolve even serious problems, but there comes a point where AC repair isn’t a matter of if repairs are possible, but if they’re worth it. If your system is quite old, it may be better to direct those funds toward your replacement.

Even if your system isn’t that old, you may want to replace it if repairs are quite expensive and serious, or if they’re frequent and adding up. Don’t skip out on a system that’s still under warranty, but you should only be willing to pay so much out of pocket to keep any system going.

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