Keep Your AC’s Filter in Mind This Summer

air-filterHere in Vermont, winter has been known to overstay its welcome from time to time. Even those of us used to such shenanigans will admit that accumulating snow post Mother’s Day is really starting to push it, though. With that in mind, we are going to turn our focus toward warmer thoughts in today’s post, and talk about your air conditioning system. More specifically, we are going to talk about the air filter in your home cooling system.

There are some common misconceptions about this air filter, including its primary objective, that we’d certainly like to put to rest. We’d also like to help you understand just how vital it is that you keep that air filter in great working condition. That means changing it out when needed. And that is a job that is much of less of a hassle than some homeowners seem to think! In fact, it’s probably the single most important AC-related task that you yourself can handle.

The Big Job That This Small Filter Performs

Common sense may dictate that an air filter is in your air conditioning system to keep the air in your home fresh. That’s not really the case, though. Yes, there are whole-house air filtration systems that can pair with your air conditioner in Southern Vermont to serve that purpose. These relatively inefficient, disposable filters are not the same as them, however. They are intended to protect your HVAC equipment itself, not the quality of the air throughout your home.

When we say that these filters are relatively inefficient, please understand that this is not a criticism. They are as efficient as they have to be in order to trap the large dust, dirt, and other particulates that would otherwise collect on sensitive components within your air conditioning system. The key is using the right level of efficiency for your HVAC system. Using the right filter of the right efficiency rating ensures a good performance without excessive airflow restriction.

Clean Air Filters Mean Energy Savings, Monetary Savings, and Comfort Savings!

The longer that you leave a dirty air filter in your air conditioning system, the worse off every aspect of your experience with your HVAC system is going to be. First of all, you are setting yourself up for excessively high energy costs. Why? Because the greater the airflow resistance in your system, the more energy it is going to require to force air through that system. That increased energy consumption translates to increased energy costs.

The risk of problems developing with your air conditioner when the filter is very dirty is also greatly increased. With that greater energy expenditure comes greater amounts of wear and tear. And the more wear and tear that your system incurs, the greater the risk of damages. Plus, the greater the likelihood of an all-around underwhelming AC performance! With a fresh air filter and routine AC maintenance, you’ll ensure that you’re living in the level of comfort that you deserve.

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