Why You May Want to Use a Humidifier This Winter

This winter, you are going to be using your home heating system a lot in order to keep your home at a warm, comfortable temperature. Because the air during the winter season is so cold and dry, though, you may encounter another problem in your home: low humidity levels. While running your home heating system is not likely to dry out the air in your home in the manner that running an air conditioner may, it certainly is not going to add humidity to the cold air coming in from outdoors.

By using a whole-house humidifier in Ludlow, VT, though, you can do just that. Read on for some examples of how using a humidifier this winter can benefit you, and remember to schedule all of your heating and indoor air quality services with the professionals here at HB Energy Solutions.

Proper Humidification Keeps You Comfortable and Healthy

If you want to live in a comfortable and healthful environment, then you must have sufficient humidity in the air surrounding you. Should the air be too dry, then your skin will start to dry out, along with your sinuses, resulting in dry, itchy skin, and the potential for nosebleeds and sore throats. Annoying static shocks are also much more common in areas that are too dry. You may also suffer aggravated allergy symptoms and an increased risk of illness, as your mucous membranes dry out. By adding the right amount of humidity into the air surrounding you, you can avoid such problems.

It Protects Your Property, Too

When the air in a property is too dry, that property itself can also suffer damages. Wooden floorboards, furniture, and/or fixtures can dry out and crack, wallpaper can split, and paint can chip away. Your electronics can also be compromised due to the aforementioned electric shocks. Using a whole-home humidifier allows you to inject the right amount of humidity into the air in your home in a convenient, effective manner.

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