Bathroom Plumbing Tips: Common Toilet Problems

Your bathroom is certainly the most heavily plumbed area in your home. Your bathroom plumbing in Southern Vermont is far too important to take any chances with, which is why you must schedule professional bathroom plumbing repair services as soon as you notice that there is a problem with any component within that system. The toilet is a likely target, as it is used with such frequency. Below you’ll find some examples of common toilet plumbing problems. Should you notice them, or any others, in your home, just give the pros at HB Energy Solutions a call to schedule repairs.

Slow to Flush

Does it seem like your toilet is taking a long time to flush? Does it sometimes take a couple of attempts to clear your toilet bowl? This could be due to a blockage. These blockages are typically near the top of the trap. If you cannot simply dislodge a clog with your plunger, contact a professional plumber immediately. You don’t want to go without the convenience of your toilet for long, nor do you want to risk damaging your toilet by forcing it to function in such a compromised state.

Dark Streaks

If your toilet is slow to flush, and you notice that there are dark streaks running down the interior sides of the bowl, you may have blocked siphon jets in your toilet. These jets pump water into the bowl as it flushes. If they are clogged, due to hard water deposits or bacteria buildup, then your toilet can flush very slowly. The siphon jets must be cleared out; if the problem is with bacteria, then as much of it as is possible should be killed before cleaning.

Running Nonstop

Your toilet should flush, the tank should fill, and that’s that. If your toilet is continually running, then you definitely have a problem on your hands. Chances are that your fill valve is compromised. Sediment may have built up in it, which will have to be removed. It could also simply be worn, which is why it is continually allowing water past. Contact us for more details or to schedule service.

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