Plumbing FAQ: Do I have a Gas Leak?

gas-burnersGenerally speaking, the use of natural gas is quite safe in this day and age. We have the materials and the techniques to ensure that gas is delivered to your home and its appliances safely, and that it is combusted properly. As is the case with any plumbing system, however, there is the potential for something to go wrong with your natural gas delivery or combustion systems. Should this happen, you really need to act fast to have the problem resolved.

Natural gas, like all combustible fuels, can be dangerous if it is not used properly every step of the way on your property. When you schedule any plumbing services in New Hampshire—and yes, natural gas piping requires a qualified plumber—you need to know that you are working with trained professionals. Working with us guarantees that. Your safety and complete satisfaction are our top priorities. So let’s take a look at some warning signs that you’ve run into a gas leak.

Trouble with Pilot Lights or Combustion?

If you use a gas furnace, or even if you only use gas for appliances like your oven or your water heater, you’re going to need to be able to safely combust that fuel in order to generate heat. If you are experiencing issues with keeping your pilot light lit, or your system is not combusting fuel effectively,  then it could be the result of a gas leak.

Modern systems will have safety guards in place in order to prevent gas from filling the chamber if the pilot light is out. Depending upon where the leak actually is, though, you may still have gas entering your home. This is a potentially dangerous situation, so don’t tell yourself that your system is “reliable enough”.

Grass/Vegetation Dying?

Natural gas is not healthful for you, and it is not healthful for the grass and vegetation on your property. Remember, it is not just the gas piping in your home that can leak. You can also run into leaks in the gas piping that brings the gas from the hookup to your home.

That may be why you are seeing yellowing patches of grass on your lawn, or why shrubs are dying on you. A gas leak could actually be poisoning this vegetation. You may not have much of a green thumb, but if you notice any such issues, it could be something beyond your control.

What’s That Stench?

Are you starting to wonder if someone has played a prank on you and hidden an egg somewhere in the house? Well, the good news is that this is probably not the case. The bad news? You could be dealing with a gas leak.

Natural gas is actually naturally free of odor. However, in order to protect the safety of users, a sulfuric odor is added to natural gas. It stinks, and that’s the point! If you smell it in your home, get out and contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

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