New Hampshire Plumbing Guide: What Is a Well Pump?

If your home is removed from a municipal water supply, then you likely have a well serving your needs for running water. Or you may have moved into an older home that already uses a well as its source for water. Regardless of the reason for having a well, you require the action of a well pump to provide you with the water you use daily for bathing, drinking, cooking, and household chores.

If you need repairs for your well pump—or any other troubles with your plumbing in New Hampshire—look to a company with more than two decades of experience: HB Energy Solutions.

What exactly is a well pump and how does it operate? Most of the ones used today are submersible pumps, also known as electric submersible pumps (ESP): they sit completely submerged inside the water of the well. The advantage of a submersible pump is that it doesn’t need to pull fluids via suction like a jet pump; it achieves much higher efficiency by pushing the water instead.

The pump contains a motor inside hermetic sealing so it won’t receive water damage. Along the bottom of the unit are the electrical connections that hook it to the power source above ground. The pump itself is a stacked series of impellers above this lower section. Water enters the bottom of the pump through an intake screen, where the centrifugal force of the impellers forces the water through a pipe and into the plumbing system of your home.

Because well pumps operate out of sight underground, people frequently don’t think about them and imagine they will run forever. But well pumps can begin to wear down with age. If you notice a slow but steady decrease in water pressure throughout your home, then the well pump may have reached the point where it will need replacement.

However, trouble with a well pump doesn’t necessarily mean the whole unit must be replaced. Sometimes professional repairs will get it working again. Because the pump is submerged inside a deep well (often 100-300 feet below the surface), it needs a pro to retrieve it and perform the necessary repairs. HB Energy Solutions has experience with well pumps and all kinds of repairs for plumbing in New Hampshire. If you suspect your well pump has issues that need an expert to remedy, contact HB Energy Solutions any time of the day or night.

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