Signs That You May Have a Gas Leak

Those of us who have used natural gas in our homes are well aware of just how convenient, efficient, and desirable a natural resource natural gas really is. However, it, like all other fuel sources, has its risks. When you schedule your gas line services with trained, skilled, professionals, you can count on your natural gas to be distributed throughout your property safely and reliably. Even so, problems with your gas line may develop at some point. When it comes to gas leaks, it is vital that you such problems resolved as soon as possible. To ensure that your gas piping services in Springfield are completed properly, just schedule them with us. HB Energy Solutions is happy to ensure that the job is done right.

Dying Vegetation

Don’t be too quick to blame your lack of a green thumb if you notice that vegetation and grass is dying in your yard, especially if this seems to be a localized occurrence. When gas leaks on its way to your home, it can effectively poison the soil and the vegetation about the pipe. If you have an area of yellowing grass or a spot in your yard where nothing seems to last, it could in fact be due to a gas leak. Look for blowing dirt, as well, which can result from the release of gas beneath the dirt.

Hissing Sounds

Do you hear strange hissing sounds when you are near gas appliances in your home, or when in the vicinity of your gas line outdoors? If so, you need to contact the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. These hissing sounds may be the sound of natural gas escaping your gas lines. We will determine if this is the case, and can resolve the problem as needed.

Sulfuric Odor

Natural gas is, in fact, naturally odorless. The stench of rotten eggs that we associate with natural gas is added to the mix as a safety measure. If you smell this odor in your home, make sure that you contact us right away.


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