Springfield VT Plumbing Guide: Maintaining Proper Septic Tank Function

Your septic system is an essential part of your Springfield home’s plumbing, so its important to keep it working as smoothly as possible. Here are some maintenance tips on how to keep your septic system working effectively.

The septic tank is the portion of the septic system where waste water from a building flows.  In the tank, solids sink to the bottom and are separated from wastewater.  The solids are stored and then partially decompose while treated wastewater is sent out to be drained in the drain field.  Without proper septic tank function your entire septic system can back up, causing lots of stinky and expensive peripheral damage.

One part of septic tank maintenance is having your septic tanks pumped on a regular schedule.  The amount of time between septic tank cleanings is wholly dependent on the septic tank capacity and the household size.  But it is always a good idea to have your septic tank looked at every year to determine when a tank pumping should occur.

Septic tank pumping not only cleans out the tank and keeps your septic system working smoothly, but it assists in the overall care of the system, extending the life of the septic field.  During your first septic tank cleanout the technician can more easily measure an approximation of when it will need to be cleaned again.

Septic tank maintenance also includes maintaining the drainfield with adequate vegetation, keeping surface water away from the tank, and keeping anything heavy such as automobiles, heavy machinery, buildings or pools off the septic system.

Additional maintenance includes the types of things that are put into the drains of a building which will end up in the septic tank.  This includes watching how much water is put down the drains, never adding chemicals, paper towels or other not biodegradable items down the drain, restricting the use of the garbage disposal, and keeping cooking oils out of the pipes.

With proper maintenance,  you can ensure that your septic system works well for many years.  Let the septic specialists at HB Energy help you with your annual septic system maintenance and pumping in Springfield.  Contact HB Energy today!

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