Solar Power and Energy Efficiency: What You Should Know!

solar-panels-on-roof-of-homeThe first thing homeowners tend to ask when presented with the opportunity to go solar in their home is, “is it worth it?” The short answer to this is, “yes, absolutely!” Sure, you’d probably expect us to say that, but allow us to elaborate!

With the number of advancements being made in solar energy technology throughout the last decade and beyond, right now it really is a great investment to go solar. Perhaps at this point, you’re thinking, “but it’s cloudy and grey for, like, half the year!” First off, that’s not entirely accurate and secondly, there are systems in place for this, including a battery backup for your solar system.

Additionally, homeowners qualify for a number of incentives by going solar, both federally and locally. So, if you’ve been considering getting solar panels installed to save money on your electricity needs, now is a perfect time! Read on to learn more.

Solar Energy Means Clean Energy

The energy we get from the sun is infinitely renewable. In other words, we’ll never run out of it. So unlike a fuel, like the gasoline you put in your car, the energy source will never be depleted. Plus, once your solar panels are installed, they have no moving parts and don’t require any energy input outside of the sun.

While this doesn’t mean you should skip any maintenance or repair needs–after all, weather events have caused damage to solar panels–solar energy is relatively “low maintenance” once installed. When they do need service, it’s essential that you have a highly trained and experienced team for the job.

Unlike other home comfort equipment, there isn’t any heavy annual maintenance needed with your solar system, and no fuel to restock. Ultimately, this helps you reduce the carbon footprint of your household while saving you money, too.

A Safe Investment

There are absolutely some shady investments people can make nowadays. Fortunately, solar panel installation is simply not one of them. Solar panels are admittedly costly to install upfront, and this is of course a factor for you to consider. But not only will you see huge savings on your electrical bill that will ultimately help pay back this cost, but you also will find there are tax incentives to going solar.

Throughout the lifetime of your solar energy system, you’ll recoup hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that would otherwise be going toward your electrical bills. Plus, since solar panels last such a long time, you probably won’t need to replace them at any point throughout your homeownership (unless of course there is a very severe weather event).

State Incentives

Be sure to look into the Vermont State Investment Tax Credit! In addition to the federal tax credit you can receive for installing solar panels, the state of Vermont also has a 6.24% State Investment Tax Credit awarded toward your total solar system cost. Any unused tax credit can be carried forward for up to 5 years.

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