Are You Ready for a New AC Experience?

thermometer-in-the-redLook, we know that the temperatures outside are still pretty far from warm, let alone the level of heat that would require your conditioning system’s service. Compared to even just a week or two ago, though, it’s clear that temperatures are on the upswing. Don’t wait much longer to take stock of your air conditioning system. In our last post, we talked about getting your home ready for the cooling season. What we didn’t touch upon was potentially replacing your AC.

Tuning up your existing air conditioning system in Ludlow is definitely a must if you plan on running that air conditioner for even just one more year. If you’re not certain that this is your plan, though, then it is definitely time to start thinking about your replacement. Don’t wait until it’s the hottest time of the year and your system has broken down before doing so. You’ll run the risk of fighting for an appointment during the busiest time of the year!

What Were Your Cooling Costs Like Last Year?

One reason to consider upgrading your air conditioner, even if it hasn’t broken down entirely, is subpar energy efficiency. We don’t live in the hottest part of the country by a long shot, but that doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied in overpaying for your comfort. If your system has been well-maintained over its life but still struggles to cool efficiently, then an upgrade may be in order.

It may be that your system is just getting on in years and the wear and tear has caught up with it. Maybe you invested in a low-quality system some time back to save money, but now you have the funds to invest in better efficiency. Whatever the case, we’re happy to help you find the right system for your budget and your efficiency desires.

Is Your System Reliable?

We have some incredibly skilled AC technicians on our team. The fact is that they’re going to be able to resolve most problems that you’ll run into with your air conditioner. The mark of a great technician, though, is helping you to understand when repairs, even if possible, are not truly in your best interest.

If you are shelling out money multiple times a year just to keep your air functioning “reliably,” or if you are looking at a very expensive repair that is really going to set you back (particularly on an older system), then a full replacement may make more sense financially. There’s an initial cost, of course, but reduced repair frequency and improved efficiency will help you to save money in the long run.

Is It the System You WANT?

If not—that’s a great reason for replacement right there!

We know that it seems counterintuitive to replace an air conditioner that’s working fine just because it’s not the type of system you really want. But you know what? Your comfort and satisfaction with your AC are important, you deserve the system you really want! Let us help you find it.

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