Can Ductless Air Conditioning Save Me Money?

ductless-acThe short answer to the question asked in this title is yes, it can! In fact, energy savings—which translate to money savings—are among the greatest benefits that ductless mini splits in Bellows Falls have to offer. Does this mean that spending your money on a ductless mini split is definitely going to save you money? No, because even a great system won’t impress if you fail to schedule that system’s installation and ongoing services with trained, qualified professionals.

Fortunately for you, you’ll never have to worry about a shoddy installation or subpar service quality when you work with the ductless mini split pros on our team. We service and install the finest systems from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. So read on, consider your air conditioning goals, and let us know if you think that going ductless is the right choice for your home. And keep these benefits in mind when making your choice!

No Ducts? How’s That Work?

Want another short answer? Very well, that’s how it works! When we talk about ductless mini splits, we are not talking about window unit air conditioners, mind you. Sure, those units are ductless, technically, but we really don’t recommend their use. They’re cheap and you can put them in place yourself, but they’re also quite loud, inconvenient (you have to put them in and take them out every season), and largely inefficient. You’ll struggle to cool your home evenly, and you’ll be leaving windows unsecured.

No, we’re talking about a different type of “ductless” entirely. These systems are much more akin to central air conditioners—minus those ducts! They use outdoor compressor/condenser units, but they also use wall-mounted blowers indoors that cool (and actually heat—more on that below—those rooms in which they are installed directly. The indoor and outdoor units are connected with refrigerant, power, and drainage lines.

But What about the Money?

By eliminating the need for air ducts when cooling your home, you eliminate the risk of air leaks in those ducts. When your ducts leak, heat can get in and cool air can get out. It’s more difficult to effectively cool your home, and it’s impossible to do so as efficiently as possible. Plus, because these indoor blower units can be controlled independently of one another, it is possible to zone your cooling experience with ease. That means that you can maintain more moderate temperatures in those areas that are not frequently in use.

If you really want to talk energy efficiency and monetary savings, then remember that ductless mini splits are also heat pumps. That means that they can reverse their operation by reversing the refrigerant cycle. Heat pumps are renowned for their energy efficiency, stemming from their utilization of heat transfer in the heating process. By using existing heat from the air outside, they are able to keep homes warm with very little impact on your wallet!

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