How Thermostat Location can Affect Your Air Conditioning Installation

Your thermostat is critical to the smooth operation and energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. There are various makes and models on the market today, from old-fashioned conventional models to the latest in wifi-enabled “smart” units. If you’re having an air conditioning installation service in your New Hampshire home, then you need to find a good location for your thermostat, one that maximizes the potential of your new AC. At HB Energy Solutions, we strive to make the entire process easy on you, from equipment selection to the installation itself. Give us a call today to learn more about thermostats or about a new air conditioner for your home.

The thermostat has a simple, but absolute vital purpose. It provides the homeowners with a relatively simple user interface by which he or she can control the indoor climate, and it also senses the temperature of the space and communicates with the control board on the AC itself. But much of its ability to perform its function successfully depends upon its location in the home. Let’s look at some factors related to thermostat location that can affect your AC:

  • Drafts: Whether from doors, windows, ducts, or fans, drafts can disrupt your thermostat’s ability to sense the temperature accurately. It should be located away from spots in the home that have drafts.
  • Sunlight: You should make sure that your thermostat is not in the direct line of the sun coming through the window or skylight. For obvious reasons, this can substantially affect its ability to sense the temperature accurately, which can then throw off the entire cooling process.

While there are many DIY enthusiasts out there, it’s important that your new air conditioning equipment include professional installation services. There’s simply no other way to ensure that your entire AC—thermostat included—satisfies your expectations. Don’t underestimate the importance of thermostat location. It can make or break the operation of your cooling system’s performance as well as its energy efficiency. Call HB Energy Solutions today for comprehensive air conditioning installation services in New Hampshire. 

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