Southern Vermont Air Conditioning Repair Guide: Signs of a Faulty Capacitor

A reliable air conditioning system is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. During the hottest time of the year it is great to be able to come home to a cool, comfortable environment. Even the best air conditioners on the market, though, are still mechanical systems. Like all other mechanical systems, it is impossible to guarantee that they will never suffer from operational problems. That is why it helps to understand some basic warning signs that trouble is brewing with your AC. Here are some indicators that you may have a faulty capacitor in your system from the pros at HB Energy.

First of all, what is a capacitor? Basically, a capacitor is a device that stores an electrical charge. In an HVAC system they are used in fan motors and compressors. A run capacitor is used in the fan motors of AC systems, heat pumps and furnaces. It is their job to maintain a certain voltage charge which keeps the motors running, and to increase their torque when the motors first start up. A start capacitor is also used in many heat pumps and air conditioners. When the compressor first starts up a start capacitor supplies a torque boost. Once the compressor is up and running the start capacitor switches off automatically.

Many different problems may be the result of a faulty capacitor in your air conditioning system. Depending on whether the capacitor fails completely or if it loses strength you may notice that the motor it works with stops running. If the compressor motor in your air conditioner won’t run your AC will not cool your home. If the outdoor fan does not operate properly then the compressor may short cycle or shut down. Only a professional Southern Vermont air conditioning repair technician can determine for sure what the exact cause of your problem is.

To learn more about the basic components of your air conditioning system, or to schedule service with a Southern Vermont air conditioning repair technician, contact HB Energy today. Our team of skilled professionals has the answers to all your questions.

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