Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Action?

We’ve made it through another winter, and are in the midst of a sometimes-warm, often-chilly spring season right not. In just a few weeks, though, the heat of summer will be headed our way; is your air conditioning system ready? Don’t hope for the best and simply switch on your AC when the hotter weather finally arrives. Instead, follow these tips to ensure that your air conditioner is ready when the mercury starts to rise. That way you can cool your home successfully and with the efficiency and reliability that you deserve. Contact HB Energy Solutions for exceptional air conditioning services in Vermont and New Hampshire. 

Take a Look at Your Outdoor Unit

We know that you are not a professional air conditioning technician, and we would never advise you to attempt to service your air conditioner on your own. However, completing a basic visual inspection of your AC should help you to eliminate any obvious, potentially serious problems with its condition before the cooling system arises. Have a look around, and take note of any frayed wires, serious corrosion, or other damages that you notice. That way you can give your AC technician a heads up regarding any concerns that you have.

Have a Look Around Your Home as Well

Assuming that you use a forced air distribution system in order to cool your home, it is a good idea to walk through your house and to ensure that your AC vents are free of obstructions. What seems like an inability on your air conditioner’s part to cool your home evenly may just be the result of blocked off registers. Forcing your AC to blow air through a dresser or couch is not going to result in smooth operational conditions.

Test Your System Out Before the Heat Gets Here

It is a good idea to run your air conditioner before putting it back into heavy rotation. If you test your AC out and find that it is making unfamiliar sounds, or that it is having trouble cycling on and off, you can have those problems addressed and resolved before you need your system the most. Contact us with any concerns that you may have.

Always Schedule Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

There is no better way to protect the integrity of your HVAC system or the quality of its performance than with routine air conditioning maintenance. When your system is meticulously inspected and expertly tuned up, it will function at peak performance and efficiency levels. Call now to get started.

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