New Hampshire Plumbing Repair Tip: Gas Piping Safety

When it comes to gas piping in your home, any work should always be handled by a professional and licensed contractor. Many states require that companies receive a special permit in order to offer gas line repair, installation or replacement. When you need any New Hampshire plumbing repair or gas line repair, just call HB Energy Solutions. We have over 21 years of experience working on all different kind of gas line and plumbing problems. We wanted to help our customers protect themselves from any potential gas line problems. Check out our quick guide below and give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Gas Line Safety Tips

Natural gas is a wonderful fuel source for many homeowners throughout the New Hampshire area. But like any fuel source it does come with inherent dangers. Gas leaks and fires are potential hazards for your home that you need to be aware of. Here are a few tips that you should consider if you have natural gas in your home.

  • Steel gas tubing – Flexible stainless steel pipe has been used in homes built from the 1990’s and on. According to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, this steel tubing can pose a serious risk for homeowners if it isn’t properly installed. Lighting can strike these steel pipes and cause the gas to ignite and cause a fire. Make sure that you call the experts at HB Energy for any New Hampshire plumbing repair or gas line repair that you need.
  • Gas leaks –Natural gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless which is why many gas companies add an odorant so that homeowners can detect gas leaks. Gas leaks can also be detected by sight and sound. If you hear a hissing noise in your home it could be a gas leak. If you notice dead vegetation around your property near a gas line, dirt or dust being blown around, a dry or frozen patch on the right of way it could also be a gas leak. Here’s what you should do if you suspect you have a gas leak:
    • Leave immediately.
    • DO NOT open windows or doors in an effort ventilate the area
    • Tell others to stay away from the general area
    • Call your utility and call 911

For more information on gas leaks you can visit the Unitil gas safety page. If you need any kind of New Hampshire plumbing repair make sure that you call HB Energy.

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