Making Your AC Installation a Success

Southern Vermont can be a bit slow in moving into the summer season. While you may be itching to get to your favorite swimming hole or to hit the banks with your fly rod in the summer warmth, you should be thankful for this opportunity to schedule your air conditioning installation, should you need one, prior to the real heat of summer setting in. Now is a great time to have a new whole-house air conditioner installed in your home. Just remember that any such project can only be handled by a skilled, trained professional. To guarantee that this is the case, you need only schedule your AC installation with the pros here at HB Energy Solutions. Keep these tips in mind to ensure the success of your AC installation.

  • Consider Your Budget: This should go without saying, but it is really important that you have an idea of just how much you can comfortably spend on your new home cooling system. There are a number of affordable options – comparatively speaking – out there today. However, you really don’t want to settle for the cheapest AC you can find. Consult with our staff to find the right balance between affordability and performance quality.
  • Know Your Cooling Needs: In keeping with budget considerations, you want to ensure that your are purchasing an air conditioner of the right size for your cooling needs. Not only will investing in an oversized air conditioner leave you with a cooling capacity that you’ll never need, despite having paid for, but such systems will actually fail to cool your home with the efficacy of a properly sized system.
  • Keep Efficiency in Mind: This is a big one and, again, it ties in to the budget question. More efficient air conditioning systems, as you’d expect, cost more than less efficient ones. That being said, you should seriously considering spending the money that you can on the most efficient system your budget will allow for. This can help you to save money on cooling costs, and to offset the initial investment over time. To learn more about your AC installation options, or to schedule service, just give us a call today.

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