Keep Your Septic System Healthy this Spring

In New Hampshire and Southern Vermont, septic systems are very common. Municipal sewer systems are just something that many homeowners throughout the area do not have access to. Because of this, it is up to our septic systems to handle the waste that exits our home, allowing for the decomposition of that waste and the drainage of wastewater via our leech fields. Needless to say, maintaining a properly working septic system is a top priority among homeowners depending upon such systems. With the welcome arrival of spring in the air, the time has come too to give our septic tanks a bit of attention. Contact HB Energy Solutions to keep your septic system in fine working order this spring.

Springtime Septic Suggestions

You don’t want to greet spring’s arrival with septic system problems. We’ve put together some information to help you avoid doing so. Keep these tips in mind, and schedule septic services with a member of our exceptional staff to avoid problems.

  • Take Advantage of Warmer Weather: The bacteria that your septic system is dependent upon thrive in warmer weather. This is why you should schedule your septic pumping in the spring, if the time has come at last. We are happy to pump out your septic system for you with the care that the job demands.
  • Keep the Pros and Cons of Spring Weather in Mind: Yes, after a long, harsh winter, the warmer, longer days of spring are certainly quite welcome. With this weather comes a period of snow melt, though, and rain to follow. Keep the saturation of your property in mind. You don’t want to overburden your septic system during times when it is not able to dispose of wastewater in the most effective manner possible.
  • Try to Divert Water: Hopefully your septic system and its leech field are not located in an area where water tends to build up or pool when the weather turns wet. If this is the case, though, you may want to consider landscaping or other projects which can help to divert water flow away from the area. Should you have any further questions regarding your septic system, or if you require any septic tank services, please do not hesitate in contact a member of our staff.

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