New Hampshire Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Signs of Electrical Problems

While professional installation and regular maintenance will often prevent many problems before they start, some repairs are inevitable. As you well know, your AC requires electrical energy to create its cool air, and that can often be the source of various problems. We’ve compiled a list of some signs of electrical problems to look out for as we approach the summer. For more information, or to schedule a air conditioning repair in Southern Vermont or New Hampshire, call HB Energy Solutions today!

  • Buzzing noise: If you hear a buzzing noise in or around one of your AC units, then it could indicate a serious electrical problem. The electrical supply line may have become damaged, or there may be something known as electrical “arcing,” which can be hazardous. While you can expect your AC to make a certain amount of noise during its operation, a distinctive buzzing sound often means something is not right.
  • AC won’t turn on: If your AC won’t turn, make sure you haven’t merely blown a fuse or tripped the circuit breaker. Also, make sure that your thermostat is switched on and calling for cool air. If neither of these steps works, then you may have an electrical connectivity problem with your AC, or possibly a bad capacitor.
  • Short cycling: In order to operate properly, your AC requires a certain amount of voltage constantly running to it. If there are any changes to the line voltage of your outdoor unit, which houses the compressor, this may cause the AC to short cycle (turn on and off). This leads to inadequate cooling and energy inefficiency.

Enrolling in a maintenance plan is a great way to ensure that your AC is always running well throughout the summer. With inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups, many electrical problems can be caught before they interrupt your home cooling. Make sure you hire a professional to perform any repair work on your AC. For more New Hampshire air conditioning repair tips, call HB Energy Solutions today! 

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