Are You Ready to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

question-markOkay, we’ll admit that looking out the window doesn’t exactly bring summer heat to mind just yet. While we are still in the rather chilly hold of spring, however, it is important to remember that summer really is just around the corner. That means that you need to have your air conditioner ready for action once the warmer weather really does arrive.¬†That¬†means that you should really get your AC replacement out of the way if you are planning to have a new AC in place before temperatures begin to rise.

But when is an air conditioning replacement actually necessary? The only scenario in which an air conditioner absolutely must be replace, obviously, is one in which the system is broken down and cannot be repaired. That doesn’t mean that you should wait for such a scenario to present itself, though. In fact, you are much better served by replacing your air conditioning system before it breaks down entirely. Keep these tips in mind, and remember to schedule your AC replacement in Woodstock, VT with our team.

Is Your System Aging Out?

We understand that you want to get the best possible return on the investment that you’ve made in your air conditioning system. However, you must also keep in mind that all air conditioning systems do have finite lifespans. At some point, you are going to have to replace your air conditioner. It is in your best interest to do so before that aging AC fails on you completely.

If your system is rapidly approaching or is already beyond its projected lifespan, then replacing it now may be your best course of action. That way, you won’t be at risk of any period of discomfort when your system does fail. Letting your air conditioner go out on a high note is definitely the better option in this scenario.

Is Your System Draining Your Budget?

Energy efficiency is a major concern for most homeowners today. If your air conditioner is not functioning efficiently, then you may simply be paying too much in order to cool your home throughout the summer season. By investing in a more efficient air conditioning system, even if your existing setup is working reliably, you can cut down on your cooling costs in the long term.

If your system is quite old, then it may have lost some of its efficiency capability over the years. Maybe you were a bit short on cash when you invested in your air conditioner, so you opted for a lower efficiency system. Whatever the case, if you can now afford a more efficient air conditioner, consider it a long term investment in energy savings.

Is Your System Not the Right Fit?

No, we don’t mean or your home — though an improperly sized air conditioner is definitely a problem that may require professional replacement. Instead, we mean for your personal user preferences. Maybe you’d like to try something new, like a ductless mini split or heat pump system. It may seem strange to replace your AC if it is working fine, but the fact of the matter is that you should be 100% satisfied with its operation.

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