Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth the Investment?

We are not out of winter’s cold grasp just yet. While the coldest weather of the year may be behind us, Vermonters know that the official start of spring doesn’t necessarily mean warmer temperatures right away. We also know that we’ve got to get through mud season before we can start enjoying summer weather, and with our decent amount of snowfall this year, it will likely be a muddy one indeed. That all being said, you’re probably looking forward to giving your heater a rest already.

Well, the heating season may be winding down, and you can certainly start thinking about your AC tune-up, but the fact is that the cooling season is still a way off. If you’re looking for a project to fill the gap, you may want to think about replacing your water heater this year. If you’ve not been impressed with yours, or if it struggled to meet your hot water demand this winter, just let us know. We can install a new one for you, and we encourage you to consider a tankless water heater in Ludlow, VT.

Yes, They Are More Expensive

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your water heater now that we’re out of the winter season, and you’ve already done a bit of homework on your own, you may have noticed right off the bat that tankless water heaters are in fact considerably more expensive than tank water heaters. This truly is the case, but you must also consider the investment that you are making in your water heater. Because of the benefits that tankless water heaters have to offer, spending more money now may make the most sense when it comes to your water heating for years to come.

  • Efficiency levels are higher with tankless water heaters. This is due to the fact that even very efficient tank water heaters fall prey to some amount of standby energy loss, which means that some of the heat from the water in the tank will transfer through that tank and out into the area surrounding it. The water heater will then have to reheat that water to make up for the loss. A tankless water heater eliminates the need for the tank entirely, thus eliminating this problem entirely, too.
  • Right, you may be thinking, but the price difference is just too much. Well, again, this depends on how you view your investment. Not only are tankless water heaters very efficient, but they also have very long lifespans. Typically, a tank water heater is going to last somewhere in the area of 5-10 years. A tankless water heater, in contrast, will generally last over 20. When you combine that type of longevity with the energy savings, you are going to be able to recoup your investment over time.

Contact Us for More Details

Tankless water heaters have a lot to offer, obviously, but no system is going to be ideal for every home or every homeowner. For instance, tankless water heaters can be overwhelmed more easily than tank water heaters when multiple outlets are all calling for hot water at once. When you work with us, you can count finding the ideal system for your needs and personal user preferences.

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