Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

woman-with-fanWhile Vermont doesn’t typically see the scorching temperatures that they do out in the desert, that doesn’t change the fact that a functional air conditioning system is an absolute necessity. Not only do things get too hot for comfort around here, but they also get way too humid! If you’re worried about your air conditioner for any reason, you don’t want to hesitate in scheduling professional air conditioning repairs in Southern Vermont fast. We will get your system fixed properly.

Now, we do understand that an air conditioner leaking water is an alarming situation. However, it is mostly alarming due to perception. It looks really serious, no doubt. But in most cases, you’re probably dealing with a pretty benign problem. You never want to just assume that, but there are actually a few things that you can check on your own before enlisting professional help. Some of the potential causes of this problem are actually of that rare breed that the homeowner can handle him or herself.

It Could Be As Simple As a Dirty Filter

Yes, really. That filter that we are always reminding you to change. The very same. How the heck does a dirty air filter cause a water leak in an AC? Well, therein lies the deception. Your AC doesn’t contain water, and it cannot spring a true water leak. What it can do is develop ice, and that ice can then melt back into water.

If your air filter is really dirty, airflow is restricted. That can lead to condensation on the condenser coils freezing up, which can then melt. And voila—you’ve got the appearance of a water leak. The good news is the fix is so simple. Change your air filter! It benefits you in so many ways, and we will continue to remind you to do so.

Check Your Condensate Drain Assembly

You’ll notice that we mentioned condensation just above. There is always going to be condensation to deal with when using an AC, because some dehumidification is a byproduct of the cooling process. Typically this condensation will collect on condenser coils, drip off, and then drain out through the condensate drain hose and drain pan.

If that hose came loose, if the drain is clogged up, or if the condensate drain pan itself is misaligned or rusted through, then the condensation won’t drain properly. And there you have it again. The illusion of a water leak. Is it water coming out of your AC? Yes, but it’s not like there’s a tank that’s burst.

Yes, It Could Be Serious, Too

Here’s the thing. This could also be the result of a refrigerant leak. Iced up coils could mean that you’ve got a dirty filter.  But a low refrigerant charge could also be to blame.  And if you ignore a refrigerant leak for long enough, irreparable damage can be done to your system.

Go ahead and change your filter. Rule out drainage issues. But if there is not an obvious cause of the problem, you really need to contact us immediately.

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