Why Is There Ice on My Cooling System?

AC-techniciansIf you find ice on your air conditioning system, you may actually mistakenly think that it is a good sign at first. After all, your cooling system is there to, well, keep you cool! And what could be cooler than ice? Unfortunately, ice on an air conditioner is actually indicative of a problem, and a potentially serious one. Remember, while your AC is there to keep you cool, it is not a freezer! If it’s generating ice, there’s a problem.

In today’s post, we’re going to review some of these potential problems, including a couple that you can resolve on your own. There is at least one major potential cause of the problem that you’ll need a professional to handle, though—and we hope that it won’t be the cause of your specific problem. As always, if you do require professional air conditioning repairs in Southern Vermont, ours is the number to dial. Our technicians will handle your problem the right way, the first time.

You Might Have a Very Dirty Air Filter

We tell people this over and over again, and for many different reasons—you need to keep a fresh air filter in your air conditioning system! If that filter gets too dirty because you do not change it frequently enough, a lot of problems can develop. Increased airflow resistance will, for instance, lead to a drop in efficiency as the system works harder than it should have to in order to cool your home. However, it can also lead to freezing coils!

If the system isn’t able to move air through the filter sufficiently, the coil will get too cold as heat transfer is impeded. And when that happens, condensation on the coil can freeze up. That only inhibits the cooling process further, leaving you to pay more money for a weaker cooling performance! That’s a pretty bad deal if you ask us.

You Might Be Blocking Airflow in Other Ways

Have you ever closed off vents in your home because you didn’t want to cool those areas? There is a way to do this—it’s with a properly designed and installed zone control system. Closing off vents is going to result in the same drop in airflow that can lead to icing in cases of very dirty filters. So too can pushing furniture up against vents.

Remember, you’re putting your property at risk when you do things like this. Not only are you going to be uncomfortable, but keep in mind that the ice melting off of your coil could overwhelm your condensate drain, and that can result in water spilling all over the floor!

You Might Have a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are serious business. They can lead to very serious damages to your air conditioning system. So serious, in fact, that your system suffers irrevocable damages. That means that you could require a full system replacement if you don’t take care of the problem promptly! Don’t make that mistake.

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