Why Is My AC Making Strange Sounds?

No air conditioner is going to operate completely silently. That being said, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your air conditioner in Woodstock, VT sounds like when it is running to keep your home cool throughout the summer season. If it starts to make loud, unfamiliar, or simply alarming sounds, we strongly suggest that you contact a member of our staff right away.

You never want to wait for serious problems to develop with your home cooling system before scheduling any air conditioning repairs that you may need. If you convince yourself that these sounds are no big deal, that is precisely what you are doing. Such sounds are often warning signs of more serious problems in development. 

Banging and clanging sounds can indicate that you have a component in your air conditioning system that has loosened up and is banging around. If it is banging around the casing of your outdoor unit, that component could be seriously damaged. If a loose component is coming into contact with other, otherwise fine components, though, you run the risk of damaging to those other parts. Make the right choice, and dial our number if you hear this type of sound coming from your system.

Screeching and squealing sounds are another potential sign of trouble. You could have a relatively simple issue with a fan belt. Perhaps yours is worn out, or is positioned incorrectly. It is also possible, though, that you have insufficient lubrication on moving parts of your system. If this is the case, then you may wind up seriously damaging those parts by ignoring the issue.

Finally, don’t ignore hissing sounds in your home or around your property near the outdoor unit. We don’t worry much about snakes in this part of the country. What you should worry about, though, are refrigerant leaks in your system or air leaks in your ducts. Those could be the cause of the hissing that you’re hearing.

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