Is My Water Line Leaking?

The plumbing system that distributes potable water through your home and disposes of wastewater when its purpose has been served is incredibly important. It is your water line that is responsible for bringing that water to your home to begin with. Needless to say, any issues with water line leaks in Springfield, VT are very serious, and require prompt repairs.

Of course, before you can go about scheduling any necessary water line repairs, you must first recognize that your water line is in trouble to begin with. Here are  a few potential warning signs that you’ve got a water leak on your property. Contact us the moment that you suspect an issue has developed.

Signs of Water/Water Damage

This sounds pretty obvious, but sometimes homeowners overlook things that they don’t really want to see. If you have puddles in your yard, but it hasn’t been raining, or even if the ground is just feeling a bit marshy, you may have a leaking water line on your property. The same is true of any visible water damage in your home, including water staining on your walls, floors, etc. Don’t wait for your home to incur serious damages before you take the time to have a professional evaluate the situation.

Hissing/Running Water Sounds

When you are in the vicinity of your water line, or the connection point in your home, can you hear hissing? Do you ever hear what sounds to be running water, despite the fact that you don’t have the washing machine or any sinks running? These auditory clues are serious indicators that you may have a leaking water line.

Increased Water Costs/Decreased Water Pressure

Does it seem like you are paying too much for water? Has your water bill spiked, despite the fact that you have not changed your usage habits? That could be due to the waste caused by a water line leak. Some leaks, though not all, will also result in decreased water pressure in the home.

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