Some Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

With the heat of summer looming, your commercial air conditioner is not the only equipment to keep an eye on. You also need to know that your commercial refrigeration equipment is functioning properly and that it will keep your valuable product out of the danger zone. If you notice problems of any kind with your commercial walk-in coolers, ice machines, or refrigerators in Bellows Falls, VT, be sure that ours is the number that you dial. You really cannot afford to come into work one morning, only to find that your commercial refrigeration equipment has both failed you, and product and inventory spoil.

Damaged Gaskets

That rubbery lining that goes around the door of your commercial refrigeration equipment is called a gasket. This essentially keeps the cold air in refrigerators and freezers, while keeping the hot air out. If your gasket is cracked, disconnected, or otherwise compromised, you are going to encounter trouble with your equipment. Frost may build up on product within the system, the door may not shut/latch properly, and there may be fluctuating temperatures within the cooler or freezer that can put your product at risk.

Refrigeration Unit Won’t Run/Won’t Stop Running

If your refrigeration unit is not running at all, or if it won’t stop running, you could have issues with an electrical component or thermostat. It is also possible that your low-pressure control is malfunctioning. This controls temperatures in coolers via the pressure of the refrigerant in the system itself. Adjusting the thermostat may help, but it is best to call in a trained professional when it comes to your system controls.

Ice/Water on Floors

This is a common problem, but don’t let its commonness lead you to believe that it is not also a serious one. You need to have a professional evaluate the situation and resolve the problem immediately. This could be the result of bad seals and the resulting condensation. It could also indicate a freezing coil that is melting off periodically too, though. Whatever the issue, we’ll handle it appropriately.

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