Water Heater Pro Tip: Keep a Good Anode Rod in Place

Despite competition from tankless water heaters, which are more and more popular these days, the tank water heater remains the most popular of all water heating systems. They are more affordable upfront, and modern hot water storage tanks are more efficient than ever before. This is not to say that there is no risk of operational problems with a tank water heater, of course. One of the most serious is rust and corrosion. If you are planning on keeping your tank water heater in Charlestown, NH working properly, you need to protect your hot water tank with an anode rod.

What Is an Anode Rod, and What Does It Do?

An anode rod is a simple metal rod that resides in your hot water tank, surrounded by the hot water therein. These rods are typically made of aluminum or magnesium, with magnesium being both more effective in its operation, as well as more expensive. Also commonly called “sacrificial anodes,” an anode rod serves just one purpose: to sacrifice itself in for the greater good of your water heater.

The materials that anode rods are composed of will attract corrosive elements in the water. This helps to prevent the tank itself from corroding. Water heater tanks are generally made of steel, which will rust when in contact with water and oxygen. These tanks are lined with glass as a first line of defense against rust, but glass will crack eventually. That is why you need an anode rod.

Because of the sacrificial nature of the anode rod, the component will have to be replaced from time to time in order to ensure that your tank is protected. Every few years, your anode rod is probably going to be corroded enough to justify a replacement. We are happy to check in on yours for you.

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