This Holiday Season, Protect Your Plumbing System

drain-with-water-going-downSure, the holiday season is still several weeks out. But it’s never too early to think about the health of your plumbing system! And something you should know, is that the holiday season is when we receive the most service calls for drain services in Southern Vermont. Wonder why?

Well for starters, homeowners like to cook big meals for the holidays, and don’t necessarily consider the limitations of their garbage disposal systems. Garbage disposals do make life so much more convenient. But you can’t really enjoy modern conveniences like this if you’re also dealing with clogged drains. We’re going to uncover how to avoid this problem as well as other problems that tend to come up around the holidays–with the potential influx of guests in your home–such as an overwhelmed water heater or clogged up bathroom plumbing. Read on to learn more about how to protect your plumbing system this holiday season!

Consider the Garbage Disposal

One of the most popular plumbing house calls we get during the holiday season is in regards to a clogged kitchen sink or malfunctioning garbage disposal. Yes, even if you have a garbage disposal, you have to watch what you’re putting down the kitchen sink drain.

FOG for instance, which stands for fats, oils, and grease, won’t damage the garbage disposal system, but it will congeal as it hardens and can create a stubborn clog backing up everything else in your kitchen sink. The best thing to do with FOG is to let it cool in a tin can or some other disposable container and then throw it away.

Other items that shouldn’t go down the kitchen sink drain because it can clog it up, or even get wrapped around the garbage disposal and jam it up or damage it include excessive potato skins and eggshells, fibrous vegetables such as celery, hard food items like meat bones or fruit pits, or actual garbage such as food wrappers.

Onto Your Bathroom

Will you be housing guests this holiday season? Remember that this means your bathroom will be getting additional traffic and usage. Annual plumbing maintenance is a great idea to prevent problems due to this. It’s also a good idea to talk to your guests and remind them that the only thing that belongs down the toilet is toilet paper, not products marketed as “flushable” (yes, unfortunately, these are not great for your plumbing!), and not food or paper towels. If your guests include young kids, be sure to remind them not to have small toys or anything that could get stuck in the toilet in the bathroom either.

Your Water Heater Can Get Overwhelmed

This is another thing to consider when you’re housing guests. If your water heater was properly sized for your home, then that means it is able to meet the demands of the people currently in your home. While a tankless system is “on-demand” and shouldn’t struggle with additional showering (unless you’re using other plumbing appliances at the same time), a tank water heater can run out of water for the entire household. Remind your guests that shower time should be limited to what they need to effectively clean up, and that’s it!

Keep your drain and sewer system healthy! Contact HB Energy Solutions for your plumbing needs, and for your peace of mind. 

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