Have You Considered a Ductless Mini-Split As Your Next Home Comfort Installation?

ductless-air-handler-in-modern-homeAs the cooler temperatures give way to spring, you may be considering a new air conditioning installation to make sure that your family is as comfortable as possible this year. We applaud you for looking into this purchase this early in the year!

Our question is, have you ever considered the installation of a ductless mini-split? Also called simply a ductless system, ductless air conditioner, or ductless heater, these systems don’t require any ductwork, and have a number of benefits–with the main advantage being how efficient they are.

Read on as we dive into what a ductless system is and how you might benefit from this particular HVAC installation.


Although there are some ductless mini-split systems out there that only cool the home, and therefore are primarily ductless air conditioner, most systems operate on heat pump technology. This means they can operate as an air conditioner or a heating system. And when they operate as a heating system, they’re far more efficient than a standard furnace because they transfer heat instead of generating it. More on this below!

Energy Savings

We just mentioned how ductless systems are more efficient as heaters because they transfer heat instead of generating it, but this isn’t the only trait that makes them efficient. Each outdoor unit has up to 4 indoor air handlers connected to it, and each air handler can be independently controlled. This means that if you want to cool one room but not the whole home, you can. Or you can set the air handlers at different temperatures to appease different members of your household.

Zone Control

The zone control effect of a ductless system that we just mentioned also allows for a more even spread of comfort. Most homes have spaces that are cooler or warmer than others–especially if you have some rooms that get a lot of natural light from the sun and others that don’t get any. So setting just one thermostat for the whole entire home can be a waste of energy, but this problem is eliminated with the zoned cooling and heating of a ductless system.


Ductless heating and air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular for new home construction as well as remodeling since they remove the hassle of trying to integrate ductwork into your living space. This also makes them a great open for older homes that were built without central heating and cooling in mind–there is no need to try adding ductwork or making big adjustments to the home to accommodate air ducts.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

One of the cons of having an HVAC system with ductwork is that they collect dust, dander, lint, and other debris that are not easy for the average homeowner to remove (it requires professional duct cleaning). A ductless system completely eliminates this problem, improving your indoor air quality by default.

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