Is It Possible You Need Repiping?

copper-pipesYou’ve likely heard of repiping before, even if you heard it referred to as “pipe replacement.” This service is essentially the process of removing faulty plumbing from your home and replacing it with new plumbing. In most cases, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you just need one small pipe replaced. It’s quite possible that we’ll have to replace a long length of plumbing so your whole home can benefit–you may even discover you’d benefit from whole-house repiping, depending on the age of your home and the state of your plumbing system.

Properly repiping a home to avoid future plumbing problems requires necessary preparation and education, plus an awareness of the warning signs that it may be a bigger job than initially expected. This is why it’s so important to call in a pro when you need this service. But, how do you know when you actually do need repiping service in your home? Read on as we uncover many of the common signs that your home is due for repiping.

The Water Temperature Is Never Right

Let’s say you hope into your shower at the beginning of the day, respecting a nice, hot stream of water to thaw you out on a chilly Southern Vermont day. But instead, you get a freezing cold stream of water smacking you in the face.

Now, this might be a problem with your water heater, and this is the first thing that should be checked. You can do a really basic check to see if the water temperature fluctuations are isolated to one section of your plumbing or more widespread throughout the home. If the latter, it’s probably a water heater issue.

But if this problem seems to be isolated to a certain area, it may be that you have a leak in the hot water line that is allowing that heated water to escape out before it really has a chance to reach the faucet or fixture.

You Have Experienced Numerous Leaks

Pipe failure tends to build up over time. You may think that you’ve just been a little unlucky throughout the past several years and the minor leaks you’ve experienced aren’t really a problem. But the truth is, if your home is experiencing frequent leaks, there is definitely something wrong.

What happens is that older pipes develop pinhole leaks over the years, and if it keeps happening it tends to mean that those pipes are corroding beyond the point of repair anymore. If you need to get pipe repair done a few times a year, it’s definitely time to give us a call and inquire about whole-house repiping.

Otherwise, you could be losing water into unoccupied spaces–this means that you’re not only wasting valuable water, but it could be creating property damage before you even know it’s happening. If you have had to have pipe repairs done frequently, think you hear water running even though no appliances are on, notice a warm or cold spot on your flooring, or notice higher-than-average water bills, these are all potential signs of a leak. Even if you don’t need repiping, it’s a good idea to give us a call if you discover these signs!

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