4 Common Reasons to Call an Electrician

electrical-hazardWe’re pretty upfront about most jobs around the house being best-suited to professionals. There are definitely exceptions to this rule, of course. Changing your air filter, for instance, or some basic thermostat troubleshooting.

When it comes to the electrical services that you need in your home, though, you really do need to call in a professional electrician in Acworth,  NH.

Electricity is not something to take any chances with. It is infinitely beneficial to our lives, but it can also be very dangerous if you don’t use it correctly. Fortunately, working with our electricians means that things are always done the right way. So keep the following in mind, and remember to dial our number when you’re in need of an electrician that you can trust.

1. Extension Cords. So. Many. Extension Cords.

Look, extension cords are super handy. Particularly if you have to do some chores outside and you don’t have gas or battery-powered tools to do it with.  However, you really shouldn’t be relying on extension cords to keep your gadgets and appliances powered up throughout the house.

The fact is that we just have way more stuff to plug in these days than we used to. The solution to this isn’t to invest in the extension cord market. It’s to hire a professional to install more outlets while ensuring that your existing system can support them.

2. Flickering Lights

It’s amazing what people can get used to. We’ve gone on jobs where lights are flickering enough to give us a headache, yet the homeowner can’t even remember when it started. Just because you can get used to something doesn’t mean that you should, though.

If you have flickering lights, you may have a faulty fixture. It could also be an issue with your electrical wiring itself, though. In either case, this is not a problem to ignore, as it could put your safety at risk.

3. Hot Outlets or Switches

You’ve felt electrical appliances get warm when they’re in use, right? That’s to be expected. If you ever go to plug something in or shut off a light switch and you feel heat, though, you definitely need to let us know.

Switches and outlets should not be hot. If they’re generating heat that you can feel, then you need an electrician. You seriously don’t want to experience the horror of an electrical fire in your walls.

4. Your Outlets Aren’t GFCIs

What’s a GFCI outlet? You may have them even if you don’t the term. Typically, they’ll at least be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, and anywhere else where there’s water nearby. There’s no reason why they can’t be installed throughout the house, though.

These are the outlets that have test and reset buttons on them. They stop the flow of electricity if they sense a ground fault, which protects you from painful shocks—and worse. Let us know if you’re ready to upgrade your outlets.

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