Avoid the Blackout With a Whole-House Generator

generatorBack in the day, when homes only had a few small items that used electricity, blackouts weren’t such a big deal. Today however they can seriously mess with your daily life and your home’s operation. It doesn’t matter how many candles you own, when the power goes out everyone starts asking the same question: “When will it come back on?”

What if a blackout or power outage didn’t have to be such a big interruption though? If you have a whole-house generator, you are going to get better protection against power outages if and when they pop up. That means you can continue with your day with little disturbance.

Whole-House Versus Portable Generators

You may be wondering why we keep mentioning “whole-house” generators. This is because whole-house systems are made to be installed as a part of your home’s electrical system, rather than shoved in the garage until they need to be used.

Whole-house generator units are hardwired into your home’s electrical system and connected to a natural gas line as well. This allows them to provide some unique advantages over portable units such as:

  • Immediate response: A whole-house system can detect when there is an interruption in your electrical supply and will kick into gear to keep the lights on almost immediately.
  • Eco-friendly fuel source: This kind of generator uses natural gas, rather than diesel or petrol gas. This allows them to create energy for your home to use without creating toxic fumes that you have to worry about keeping out of your home.
  • They provide power…lot of it: Portable generators can power a small part of your home. In contrast, whole-house units can keep all the lights and appliances on.
  • Long lifespans. Whole-house generators have the ability to last double the amount of time as portable units do. This means between 20 to 40 years before they need to be replaced.

It is likely that a whole-house system is starting to sound appealing by now. No more having to dig out the portable system and hoping you still have gas to get that generator working. Instead, you’d have a generator that you could rely on all year long.

Whole-House Generators Require Professional Service

If you are considering adding a whole-house generator to your home, we’d like to help. Generators are like other large home appliances–they require professional service to get them properly installed and keep them working. We can install and service systems from Generac and Kohler. We make sure not to just offer the best systems around but we also provide all the generator services you need. This includes maintenance, electrical repair in Alstead, NH, and installation or replacement too.

Schedule your services with HB Energy Solutions today to make sure that your home systems are protected tomorrow. We make sure to get the job done in a clean, polite, and courteous manner. You can rest assured that when we are working on your generator we will make sure to pay close attention to the protection of your property too.

Contact HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind. 

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