Ask an Electrician: How Do I Use My Ceiling Fan?

fanSeriously? There’s a chain right on it! Just pull the thing!

Okay, okay. Most homeowners understand how to turn on their ceiling fans. That is not the subject of today’s post, though. (However, if you were wondering, yes—there is probably a chain hanging down that you can pull!)

Today’s post isn’t about firing up the ceiling fan, it’s about using the ceiling fan in the most effective way. And yes, it actually is possible to use a ceiling fan incorrectly! That may come as a surprise, but our Electricians in Alstead, NH have had to correct homeowners before.

So if you have a ceiling fan, this post is just what you need to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your fixture. And if you’ve always been on the fence about a ceiling fan, or if you think that they’re just an old-fashioned, outdated relic, this post will show you just how wrong you are! Read on to learn more.

Fan or AC: They’re Not Mutually Exclusive

We know that homeowners today really want to keep their homes comfortable in the most efficient manner possible. Fortunately for all of us, today’s HVAC systems are more efficient than ever before. However, everyone is always looking for ways to cut energy expenditure even further. Unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to the wrong decisions, even if the intentions and logic are good.

You may think that you should shut your ceiling fan off during the summer when you’re running your AC.  After all, the fan does not actively cool your home, and the AC has its own fan that forces air throughout the house. However, using the ceiling fan in conjunction with your AC can help to cut back on energy use while improving comfort. This is thanks to its ability to circulate cooled air throughout the house. Heat rises, so cool air can sink down to the floor. With a ceiling fan, you can more accurately inform your AC of the true temperature in your home.

Ceiling Fans Should Run in the Winter, Too

Why would one run a ceiling fan in the winter. Again, the answer lies in the effective circulation of air throughout the house. Because heat rises, it can get trapped up toward the ceiling of your home. This can be a very serious problem, particularly in those homes with high ceilings! The good news is that running your fan can help to force heated air back down into your living space—provided that it is spinning in the right direction.

During the winter, you need to flip the little switch on your ceiling fan’s body—which many people don’t realize is there!—to ensure that it spins in a clockwise direction. In the summer, it should spin counterclockwise to pull air up from the ground. If you have any questions about this, if you want a ceiling fan installed, or if you need any other electrical services, make sure that you’re working with professional electricians that you can trust.

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