How Can I Spot Electrical Wiring Problems?

Do you know what your heater, air conditioner, water heater, garbage disposal, and overhead lights all share in common? Yes, they are all integral in ensuring that you are able to live in the comfort and with the convenience that you’ve come to expect. They all also require electricity in order to ensure that this is the case, though.

Even systems like oil boilers and propane furnaces have pumps, fans, and other electrically powered components. If you want to get the most from all of the systems and appliances that you rely upon so much, then you must be certain that your electrical system is in great working condition. Your safety may depend on it, as well. Here are a few signs to look out for that could indicate problems with your electrical wiring in Woodstock, VT.

Do You See Frayed Wires?

The simplest way in which to spot bad wiring, obviously, is to actually see bad wiring. Most of the wiring in our homes is going to be hidden away behind walls or in panels, etc., so this is not necessarily going to be the most common way in which to discover damaged wires. However, if you do see any frayed wires, which may have been pinched by screws, chewed by vermin, and so on, contact us right away to have it replaced.

Do You Feel Heat?

Your outlets and light switch covers should never feel hot to the touch. A bulb may warm up after being in use for a while, but the switches and covers in your home should always be cool. If any of yours feel warm, or if they have scorch or burn marks on them, unsafe wiring is a very likely possibility.

Do Your Breakers Keep Tripping?

The breaker box is a great innovation that makes resetting circuits much more convenient than doing so with fuses at the old fuse box. However, this convenience does not mean that you should be resetting breakers very frequently. If your breakers keep tripping, a larger electrical problem is probably to blame.

Are Your Lights Dimming or Flickering?

Have you noticed your lights dimming when you turn on the microwave or any other appliance? Are lights throughout your home or in a specific area flickering? These are not minor annoyances that you can afford to overlook. These lighting irregularities are a prime warning sign that you wiring, somewhere, is compromised.

There is a reason why electrical systems are so heavily regulated, and why older electrical systems often have to be revamped in order to comply with modern codes. While electricity is an undeniably great resource, it can also be quite dangerous if not used properly. From painful electric shocks to actual electrocution and property damage stemming from fires or surges, the problems that bad wiring can lead to are very real and very serious. Working with professional electricians at the first sign of trouble is always in your best interest.

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