Spring Projects? How About a Mini Split Heat Pump Installation?

ductless-blowerOkay, so it may be a little early to really start thinking about spring here in Southern Vermont. Things are warmer and sunnier, but we know that a backslide into more wintery weather is never really off the table this early on—and we’ve barely even cracked the seal on mud season yet! Even so, we’re sure that you’re ready to start thinking about spring and, for many of us,  doing so means thinking about the projects that we want to accomplish.

If you’re at this stage yourself, then installing a mini split heat pump, or ductless mini split, in Southern Vermont is definitely a project that should be on your radar. Ductless mini splits have become an absolute favorite HVAC system among homeowners throughout the country, and with good reason. We’re going to dive into the benefits of ductless mini splits in the following post, but just remember—any HVAC system is only as good as the installation and ongoing services it receives.

What’s a Heat Pump? And What’s a Ductless Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an incredibly versatile home heating and cooling system. Yes, system—singular. When you use a heat pump to keep your home comfortable, you use the same system all year long. During the summer, just like a central AC, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant in the indoor unit, drawing heat out of the air, and then condenses it in the outdoor unit, releasing that heat outdoors. In the winter, however, this process is reversed. The heat pump evaporates refrigerant in the outdoor unit, drawing out its heat (even when it’s cold there is thermal energy) and uses that heat to warm the indoor air in your home. The refrigerant is compressed to boost its thermal energy before being condensed indoors.

Now, a ductless heat pump does all of this without requiring the use of air ducts in order to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. Individual wall-mounted blowers are installed in the living space, and connect to a single outdoor unit via a conduit housing power and refrigerant lines. This design allows for even greater energy efficiency than standard air-source heat pumps.

The Key to Ductless Heat Pump Efficiency

Well, it’s the elimination of ductwork, mostly! Ducts are notorious for their capacity to leak conditioned air out into unconditioned spaces in the house. Poor insulation can also lead to inefficiency when using air ducts. By eliminating the need for air ducts, though, you eliminate such risks. There are no ducts to insulate or leak!

Plus, you control each blower independently of the others. That means that you heat or cool only those areas that you want to, when you want to.  This is a major benefit, and basically allows for zone controlled heating and cooling without the need for an actual zone control system.

If you think that going ductless is the right move for your home, just give a member of our team a call. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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