What You Need to Know About Heat Pump Maintenance

white-question-mark-on-blue-circleIf you’ve been following our blog for a bit, then you’ve probably seen us mention maintenance before. This is because air conditioning and heating maintenance are so vital to the health and efficiency of your home comfort systems. But it’s also important to know that not all HVAC systems are created equal, and therefore may have different maintenance needs.

For instance, if you have been using a heat pump to stay warm this winter and are using this same system to cool off this spring and summer, then you need to schedule maintenance again. While more traditional central air conditioners and central furnaces only need professional maintenance once a year, a heat pump needs this service twice a year. Read on to learn why!

The Goal of Maintenance Is Preventive Care

The point of preventive maintenance is to keep on top of any potential issues before those issues have the chance to grow into irreparable system breakdowns. And unfortunately, many HVAC issues don’t give off really easily identifiable symptoms until the problem has become quite advanced.

This means that by the time the average homeowner discovers they have a problem with their heating or cooling system and calls for repairs, it can already be a major repair need that will cost far more than it would have if caught early. But if you schedule bi-annual preventive maintenance for your heat pump, it gives our professionals the opportunity to spot problems early to prevent the worst of the damage.

Why Bi-Annual Maintenance?

Think about it this way–under normal circumstances, a central air conditioning system or central furnace needs to be serviced once a year. This maintenance tune-up is typically done before the system will be used the most, to ensure that it’s in great operating condition.

However, your heat pump system is used as both a heating and a cooling system, meaning it gets used twice as much as a conventional AC or furnace, and therefore, it needs twice the care. So when it comes to scheduling this service, it should be done once in the fall and once in the spring.

The Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Whether it’s a heat pump system, a central air conditioner, or a central furnace, maintenance is going to help that system perform more efficiently, last longer, and give you less problems over its lifetime than it otherwise would. Heat pump maintenance leads to:

  • Fewer Repair Needs: Routine bi-annual maintenance can reduce repair costs by as much as 85% over the lifespan of the system.
  • Longer Useful Service Life: When properly maintained, the useful service life of a heat pump system is about 10-15 years. Without routine, bi-annual maintenance, that timeframe could be cut in half.
  • More Efficient Operation: For every year your heat pump goes without professional maintenance, it can lose about 5% of its original efficiency rating (SEER–Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). But with maintenance, it can retain up to 95% of that original efficiency rating throughout its entire lifespan.

HB Energy Solutions is your trusted resource for heat pump maintenance in Southern Vermont, VT. Contact us when you’re ready to schedule your next tune-up! 

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