What to Check Before Calling a Professional Electrician

woman-calling-on-landlineElectrical problems are no small thing. It’s never a wise choice to ignore signs that you may have an issue with any part of your electrical system. However, sometimes things aren’t quite the emergency you might think they are. If you suspect you may have a problem with your electric system, we’ll absolutely be there if you need us. But we like you to check a few things first… read on!

Check the Breaker Panel

Let’s say that you have an appliance seemingly breakdown. At least, you go to turn it on and it simply doesn’t. And the display isn’t showing anything either. Before you do anything else, we’d like you to take a look at your breaker panel. Ensure that each of the switches are flipped to the “on” position and that nothing else looks out of the ordinary. If a switch has flipped on the circuit that’s giving you an issue, try flipping it back and see if this fixes the supposed issue.

Keep in mind, if the circuit keeps tripping after you reset it, then there could be something more seriously wrong with the circuit or with the panel itself. If you suspect this to be the case, it’s best to go ahead and call our electricians so we can take a look as soon as possible.

Check Your Appliances

Whatever appliance seems to be misbehaving, have you checked the appliance itself for any signs of apparent problems? Oftentimes, an electrical problem is located in the appliance itself rather than your electrical system. For instance, if you have an issue with a flickering light even after changing the lightbulb, try unplugging it and plugging it back into the same outlet.

If this resolves the problem, you have nothing else to worry about. Of course, if it still occurs or if you plug it into another outlet and the appliance works fine, then you may need to call for an outlet replacement or repair.

Check Your Walls

If an electrical current meets any sort of resistance, it vents some of its energy as heat. One method to check this is to carefully feel around the area that is experiencing the issue. Does your wall feel hot next to a particular switch or electrical appliance?

We do want to note here that dimmer switches and the area around them do get warmer than other switches and outlets. But your walls should never be hot to the touch. If they are, then it’s time to call us.

Check the Price of Electricity

Oftentimes, homeowners will see what seems like an unusual increase in their electrical bills, and give us a call. Many things can cause this, including an inefficiently operating HVAC system, for example. But another possibility is that the price of electricity has gone up in your area. Compare the cost per wattage to that of last year to see if this is the culprit.

If not, give us a call!

When you do find yourself in need of a professional electrician in Perkinsville, VT, contact HB Energy Solutions for all your energy needs. HB Energy Solutions delivers peace of mind.

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