Can Ductless Heaters Handle a Vermont Winter?

Yes, they can, but we understand why homeowners may have some reservations. If you are familiar with heat pump technology, then you already know that heat pumps use existing heat in the air outside when heating one’s home. Considering the fact that we experience subzero temperatures on a regular basis, you may not think that heat pumps, including ductless mini splits, could get the job done.

The technology that ductless mini splits use today makes them even more effective than ever before in heating homes. While a bit more electricity may be used when the temperature is extremely low, the ductless mini split can still handle the heating of a home, provided that the system is installed and sized properly. We will guarantee that your ductless mini split heat pump in Woodstock, VT can do the job.

So How Does It Work?

As we mentioned above, a heat pump makes use of thermal energy in the air outside in order to heat a home. Heat is absorbed from the air via the refrigerant cycle, and that refrigerant is compressed in the compressor. That boosts the thermal energy, which is then used to heat air for distribution throughout your home.

Rather than distribute this heated air throughout your home via ductwork, though, ductless mini splits instead use individual, wall-mounted blowers to do so. These blowers are connected to an outdoor unit — up to four per unit, typically — via a simple conduit. This conduit contains the power, refrigerant, and drainage lines.

The blowers are controlled independently of one another, each with its own thermostat. That means that it is simple to zone your home. Because you won’t have to maintain a single temperature throughout the entire house — and because there is no risk of leaky ductwork and heat pump technology is being used — ductless mini splits are a very efficietn option. We install some of the finest systems around, from outstanding manufacturers like Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.

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