Getting To Know Your Heating Options in New Hampshire

If you’re considering a heater replacement in New Hampshire, then you need to know what’s available to you, as well as what’s best for your home. HB Energy Solutions offers a wide range of heating options to customers throughout the area. We cover all aspects of heating installation, repair, and maintenance. We are a full service heating and fuel company, which means we can cover everything for you. Call one of our New Hampshire heating experts at HB Energy Solutions today!

Is it time for a new heater for your home? Let’s take a look at some options.

  • Furnace. The furnace is one of the most common heating options in the Northeast. Your furnace converts energy drawn from a fuel into hot air and distributes the heat through the ductwork in your home.
  • Boiler. The boiler works just like a furnace, but instead of heating air, it heats hot water or steam and distributes it throughout your home by means of baseboard heaters, radiators, or radiant flooring. It can also heat your water, which is an added bonus for many homeowners.
  • Wood or Pellet Stove. A wood stove offers an excellent heating solution to many customers in the New Hampshire area, where wood is a plentiful fuel source. Pellet stoves are another efficient form of heat, and they are also ideal since pellet fuel is available through HB Energy Solutions for customers throughout the area.
  • Pellet Boilers. Available in steel or cast iron and in three sizes, we feature the Pellergy Pellet Boiler here at HB Energy Solutions. They are an efficient and clean-burning heating solution, which burns compressed pellets made form sawdust and sawmilling. Their low moisture content and high density allow for high combustion efficiency.
  • Ductless Split Heat Pumps. As its name suggests, ductless split heat pumps do not use ductwork to transfer heat into your home, but rely on a split system: an outdoor unit and indoor air handler. Ductless systems tend to be highly efficient because ducts tend to account for the majority of heat loss during the winter.

Whatever heating option you select for your home, make sure that it’s appropriately sized to match your heating needs. A professional heating installation makes all the difference. Call HB Energy Solutions for all of your New Hampshire heating installation needs.

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