It’s Never Too Early for Heating Maintenance!

heating-maintenance-never-too-earlyWhen people hear the term maintenance, the first thing that likely comes to mind is repair service. But heating system maintenance is about more than that. It’s a preventative step homeowners should take to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their heater all throughout our heating season, which in our area is basically all year-round!

This is why we say it’s never too early to schedule your Charlestown, VT heating maintenance appointment. We typically recommend that you have this service scheduled right before its heaviest period of use, so during autumn. But the truth of the matter is that so long as you are having your maintenance tune-ups done on a yearly basis (or bi-annually if you have a heat pump) then you are taking the appropriate steps to ensuring a fully functional heating system.

What Happens During Heating Maintenance?

Heating maintenance helps to keep your AC system running as efficiently and effectively as it should, for as long as possible. It reduces the chance of huge repair needs in the future, and helps give you the peace of mind that your system is well cared for, and reliable. But what actually happens during this service appointment?

Cleaning: The first thing our highly trained technicians do is give your heating system a thorough cleaning. When components inside the heater are dirty, they can’t perform as they should.

For instance, if a coil in your heat pump happens to be blocked by a layer of dirt, then it cannot successfully absorb heat from the outside air. As another example, a dirty furnace burner might be unable to generate heat as needed. Cleaning each of the components enables your heating system to work at its peak efficiency.

Adjusting: Over the years, the components of your heating system go through a lot—accumulating natural wear and tear. Due to this, even if they don’t need repair, they could certainly require adjustments as they become loose or bent.

You might have a bent flame sensor in your furnace, a loose furnace panel, or even a bent heat pump component. An important factor to remember is that even if one small component is faulty, the other components might also begin to struggle as result—consider it a domino effect.

Inspecting: This is perhaps the most important part of your heating maintenance appointment. This is when our professional technicians look for any potential health and safety risks, in addition to any important repair needs that could affect the performance of your unit. We’ll inform you of anything in need of urgent repair, in order to give you the time to schedule additional services ASAP, and ideally avoid a bigger emergency later on down the line.

The more regularly you have your heater maintained, the easier it is for it to do its job. And the easier it is for it to do its job, the less energy it needs—increasing efficiency and decreasing your monthly utility costs!

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