Heating Repairs: 3 Signs of Trouble

When you live somewhere like Vermont or New Hampshire, a great heating system is not a luxury. It is a necessity. With all of the hard work that your heater is doing over the course of the heating season, it only stands to reason that it is going to get a bit worn out from time to time. The key to preventing any wear and tear on your system from doing serious, lasting damage is to schedule any necessary heating repairs in Ludlow, VT as soon as possible.

In order to do that, obviously, you need to learn to recognize the signs of trouble with your heater early on. The longer that you wait to schedule repairs, the worse off your heater is likely to be. Here are a few issues to look out for that can indicate the need for heating repairs. 

Alarming Sounds

Your heater is going to make some noise when it operates. Radiant heating systems, especially electric radiant systems, are virtually silent. Most others, like those using a boiler, furnace, heat pump, etc., are going to make some level of noise during operation. If your heater is suddenly making new, alarming sounds, though, you should take the issue seriously and schedule professional services. Grinding, screeching, booming — any of these sounds could indicate the development of a serious problem with your heating system.

Strange Odors

If you can smell burning coming from your heater, or if you smell fuel of any sort in your home, it is very possible that your heater is not operating safely. Remember, heating problems are not only concerning because of your comfort. They could lead to a dangerous situation. If you smell strange odors coming from your heater, contact us right away.

Increased Costs

Does it seem like you are paying too much to heat your home? Obviously, heating costs are going to fluctuate. If you notice a real spike in your heating costs without any clear cause, however, it could be the result of a problem in need of repairs that is dragging down energy efficiency.

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