Water Heater Warning Signs

It’s really shaping up to be a frigidly cold winter this year, meaning that a hot shower can be a major boost before heading out to work for the day. If your water heater is not dependable, though, you are not going to be able to enjoy that luxury reliably. We think you deserve better than this, which is why we want to ensure that you are able to spot any problems with your water heater early on. The longer that repairs are put off, the more serious the risk of damage to your system.

Whatever type of water heater you may use, be it a tank, tankless, or even a solar model, we can handle your water heater repairs in Charlestown. Stay alert and remember that any of these warning signs can suggest a developing problem. Contact us at the first sign of trouble.

  • Signs of rust. If your water heater is rusty, then you need to contact us right away. It could mean a few different things. If the rust is developing along a pipe feeding the water heater or delivering hot water from the water heater, then repairs are very likely possible. If the tank itself is rusting, tough, replacing your water heater may really be the only option. You should keep an eye out for discolored hot water coming from your fixtures, too.
  • Sudden lack of hot water. Any water heater can struggle to provide sufficient hot water in certain situations. A tankless water heater, for instance, can have trouble supply multiple appliances and fixtures with hot water all at once. Tanking a lot of hot showers in a row can deplete the reserves in a hot water tank. If you are suddenly struggling to get enough hot water for use in your home consistently, though, trouble is likely.
  • Tripped breaker. Again, this isn’t necessarily out of the usual. Every now and then, your circuit breaker may trip. If the breaker on the circuit for your water heater needs to be reset very frequently, however, you may be dealing with an electrical issue that could potentially be dangerous.

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