How an HRV Can Benefit You

Now that we are moving quickly into the coldest time of the year, homeowners throughout Southern Vermont are gearing up to get their heaters in prime working condition. As we know too well in this part of the country, though, heating one’s home throughout the long, arduous winter season can be trying on the budget, and can also drag down the quality of the air in our homes as we seal them up as tightly as we can for efficiency’s sake. With that in mind, you may want to consider investing in an HRV, or heat recovery ventilator, this year. There are a few ways in which using an HRV in Woodstock, VT can benefit you. Read on, and contact¬†HB Energy Solutions with any questions that you may have.¬†


What Is an HRV, Exactly?

An HRV is a mechanical ventilator. It can actually benefit homeowners all throughout the year, but is especially helpful during our very cold winter seasons. As you heat your home throughout the winter days and nights, the air therein is going to dry out and grow quite stale. Of course, you are not going to open your windows during a subzero freeze-up just so that you can ventilate your home better. What you can do, though, is utilize an HRV to help you ventilate your home sufficiently without wasting the energy that you’ve paid for in order to heat your home.

The HRV will draw fresh air into the house as it vents stale air out. These two air streams pass very close to one another, and a heat exchanger will use the heat in the outgoing air in order to pre-warm the incoming air. This allows you to enjoy fresh air of a high quality, without wasting energy and driving up your heating bills. Plus, in the summer, as you cool your home, the outgoing cool air can pre-cool the incoming hot air. This makes the HRV a wise investment for year round comfort and better indoor air quality.

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