How Can a Heat Recovery Ventilator Benefit Me?

Around here, we are used to dealing with cold, harsh conditions during the winter season. However, even the most seasoned of Vermonters don’t want to come home to a cold house during the winter season. That is precisely why we heat our homes, and why we insulate those homes in order to prevent heat from seeping out of the house and into the frigid air surrounding it. Unfortunately, the natural inclination to seal up our homes against the outdoor elements can actually wind up working against us. We need a sufficient amount of ventilation in our homes to maintain great indoor air quality therein, and sealing our homes up during the winter season can really limit natural ventilation. This is precisely why using a heat recovery ventilator in Bellows Falls, VT is such a good idea.

What Is a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

A heat recovery ventilator, or an HRV, is a mechanical ventilation device that allows you to bring fresh air into your home, without wasting the energy that you’ve used to condition your home’s interior space. These devices can be beneficial in the summer season, but they are most popular during the winter months, when the air outside is cold and we are heating our homes to stay comfortable. Essentially, the HRV will act as a heat exchanger as it ventilates your home.

The reason you can’t just throw open a window to let fresh air in during the winter season, obviously, is because you don’t want to waste the energy that you’ve used to heat your home. This is where the HRV and its heat exchange process comes in. The incoming air, which is fresh but cold, is preheated by the air being vented out of the house, which is stale and of a low quality, but warm. This allows you to make use of the existing thermal energy in that outgoing air, taking a tremendous amount of potential strain off of your heater. Not only does this help you to breathe clean, fresh air in your home, even when it is sealed up against the elements, but it also allows you to do so without putting your energy efficiency on the chopping block.

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