Is it too Early to Schedule Heating Maintenance?

Absolutely not. So long as you schedule heating maintenance annually, it really doesn’t matter much what time of year you do so. In fact, scheduling your heating maintenance before the weather actually starts to cool off is advisable for a few reasons. Heating technicians are not going to be busy with many service calls, as they will be when people start to need their heaters. Plus, you won’t have to worry about winter coming early when your system is already tuned up. Read on, and remember to schedule your heating maintenance in Ludlow, VT with a member of our staff.

What Does Heating Maintenance Entail?

A heating tune-up is not something that you can handle on your own. There are a lot of different steps that must be completed, and only a trained professional can guarantee that your heating system is not only functioning properly and reliably, but safely as well. Here are a few tasks that you can expect to be completed during your heating maintenance session.

  • Blower assembly will be cleaned and inspected.
  • Motor will be lubricated.
  • Fan belts replaced.
  • Combustion housing cleaned and checked for debris.
  • Burner assembly inspected/cleaned/adjusted.
  • Flue system thoroughly inspected for cracks, dislocations, corrosion.
  • Air filters cleaned or replaced.
  • Heat exchanger inspected.
  • Gas line/pressure inspected/evaluated.

As you can see, heating maintenance is far more complex and involved than simply changing your air filters, and this brief list is not even comprehensive. When you have your heating system tuned up annually, your heater is going to last longer than it otherwise would. Functioning at peak performance levels also means functioning at peak efficiency levels, so you can heat your home more affordably. Do your heater, your budget, and yourself a favor. Let us handle your heating maintenance needs.

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