Help! My AC Is Blowing Warm Air!

When people think of Vermont’s weather, they probably first think of cold, dark winters. We certainly have our share of cold weather, but if you’ve been here the last few summers, you know that it gets quite hot around here as well. That is why any problems with your AC in the summer are just as dire as a failing heater in the winter.

One common problem that homeowners encounter with their air conditioning systems is hot or warm air blowing out of the vents. This is obviously not normal, and the problem may have a few different source causes. Whatever the case, you can count on us to get your air conditioner in Springfield, VT back on track.

One of the simplest reasons as to why your system is blowing hot air is that you’ve inadvertently set the thermostat wrong. This is definitely something of a best case scenario, of course, and you should check the thermostat before taking any further action. If you have it set to “fan-only” or you’ve set the temperature too high, the flip of a switch or push of a button may be all that you need to resolve the problem. It is possible too, though, that your thermostat is failing. If this is the case, you’ll need professional repairs or replacement.

Another possible cause is a very dirty air filter. Now, the filter itself is not going to result in hot air, obviously. What it can do, though, is restrict airflow enough that ice begins to form on your evaporator coil. When that happens, the ice will insulate the coil, making it more difficult for the refrigerant therein to effectively remove heat from the air around the coil.

You don’t need to have ice on the coil for the cooling process to be impeded, though. If you have refrigerant leaks in your system, you may find that your system is struggling to cool air effectively. This problem too can lead to icing, but regardless it must be promptly resolved. Forcing your system to continue working could put your compressor at risk of damage.

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