Is This the Year to Replace Your Heater?

Heaters see a lot of action in this part of the country. If your heater seems to be struggling its way through this winter season so far, you may want to start thinking about replacing your heater in Bellows Falls before embarking on another. The last thing that you want to do is to wait for your heater to completely break down before replacing it.

Keep the following points of consideration in mind, and contact us if you think the time is right for a heating replacement. Spring will be here soon enough, and if your heater will make it through the remainder of the winter, we can get a new one in place when the weather warms up. Consider your options, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

Is Your System Beyond Its Projected Lifespan?

If so, you are starting to push your luck. Yes, it is likely that your system may last a little a little longer than predicted. However, its performance will start to slip, and any problems that it develops are likely to be more serious. Replacing your heater when it is getting on in years is a good way to prevent a breakdown.

Is It Working Efficiently?

This is a very important consideration, keeping in mind just how much we use our heaters in this area. If your heater has lost a lot of efficiency over the years, replacing it now can help you to save money in energy costs. If you invested in a lower efficiency heater because it was all that you could afford at the time, replacing it with a more efficient system makes sense if you can afford to do so.

Is It a System That You’d Choose for Yourself?

Sometimes, homeowners replace their heating systems just because they are not ideal for their user preferences. This is a perfectly valid reason for doing so. If you inherited a system with your home that you’d not have chosen, give us a call to find the right heater for you.

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