Why Heat My Home with a Boiler?

Hopefully you do not find yourself in need of a new heater at the beginning of the new year. Temperatures have been fluctuating, but for the most party it’s been quite cold here in Southern Vermont. If you do find yourself with a broken down heater, or if you’re just thinking about which heating replacement to choose when the summer arrives once more, consider the use of a boiler in Springfield, VT.

Not only do we install great boilers, such as the Burnham Hydronics MPO–IQ™ Boiler and the Buderus oil–fired G125BE and G115WS models, but we also deliver home heating oil at very fair and competitive prices. Whatever your boiler service needs may be, we are the professionals to call. Here are a few reasons to consider using a boiler to heat your home.

They Are Effective!

Forced air heaters like furnaces or heat pumps are a great option for many homeowners. The inherent problem with forced air heating, however, is simply that heat naturally rises. If you have high ceilings in your home, this can lead to a frustratingly ineffective performance from your forced air heating system. Using a boiler to heat the floors of your home with the circulation of hot water beneath them, in a hydronic heating system, is a better option for more effective, lasting comfort.

They Are Efficient!

When you use a furnace and the heat that you pay for rises to the ceiling and gets trapped up there, your furnace is then going to be forced into overtime in order to effectively heat your home. That can lead to higher energy costs. Plus, there is always the risk of air loss via duct leaks. When you apply heat directly to the floor in your home, though, you can count on efficient, reliable comfort.

They Are Dependable!

There are simply fewer moving parts in a furnace than there are in forced air heating systems. That means that there is less chance of anything going wrong with the system. Boilers are renowned for the dependable performance, as well as their impressive lifespans. Let us install the right boiler for your home.



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