Is Your Heater of the Right Size?

We are well into the winter season now, even if it did get off to a slow start, so you hopefully have a professionally installed and well-maintained heater ready for action in your home. However, if unforeseen circumstances have left you with the need for a heating replacement, or if you are just planning on a new heater installation once the warm weather comes around again, you are wise to consider your options carefully. Even if you do invest in a heater that suits your user preferences and is well-manufactured, though, it may still fail to satisfy your needs. An improperly sized heater in Woodstock, VT is a serious problem. Schedule service with HB Energy Solutions to avoid such problems entirely.

An Undersized Heater Is Just No Good

As you can imagine, attempting to heat your home with an undersized heater is not a wise endeavor. You’ll likely wind up with a house that is never truly as comfortable as you’d like, as your heater works far harder than it should have to in order to meet a demand beyond its capacity. This will drive up your heating costs, meaning that you’ll be spending too much for too little comfort. Plus, you’ll be putting a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your system, which greatly increases the risk of repair needs. It is important to remember, though, that a bigger system is not inherently better.

Oversized Systems Are Equally Problematic

Okay, you’re thinking, I’ll just buy the biggest, most powerful heater that I can afford, and I’ll be fine, right? Wrong. It may sound counterintuitive, but having an oversized heating system is actually just as detrimental as having an undersized one is. An oversized heater will heat the space that it is installed in, of course, but it may actually do so too quickly. It will then cycle on and off too frequently, wasting energy in doing so and increasing wear and tear to risky levels. Trust us when we tell you that we’ll ensure that your home is outfitted with an appropriately sized heating system.

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