Is the Tank Water Heater Obsolete?

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that new technologies mean that those preceding them are automatically obsolete. This could not be further from the truth, though. Take the tank water heater, for instance. While it is true that tankless systems, a newer technology, have many benefits to offer, this does not mean that tank systems are no longer worthy of consideration. In many instances, in fact, a tank water heater in Springfield, VT may be the ideal option. We carry a number of great electric tank water heaters from Bradford White, as well as indirect water heaters that use an existing boiler in their operation. To learn more about available options, give the water heater professionals here at HB Energy Solutions a call.


Tankless water heaters tend to boast an efficient, affordable performance. However, they are also far more expensive than tank water heaters tend to be. This means that it can take a very long time for a tankless water heater to pay for itself in the form of energy savings. If you are looking for an efficient water heater without an extremely high upfront cost, then an electric tank water heater is certainly well-worth your consideration.


You don’t want to invest in a tank water heater that is of a higher capacity than you’ll need. After all, you’ll wind up storing water that will inevitably cool off, as all storage tanks allow for some standby energy loss. This can negatively influence the efficiency with which your system operates. When properly sized, though, a tank water heater of the right capacity is incredibly reliable. Tank water heaters can be more easily overwhelmed at times when hot water is called for by various points of use.

When you are ready to explore your electric tank water heater, or indirect water heater options, make sure that it is our number that you dial. The professionals on our staff will ensure that you have what you need to heat water effectively and reliably in your home. Give us a call today with any questions that you may have.

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