New Hampshire Heating Installation FAQ: Why Install a Boiler

A boiler is one of the most common methods of heating homes in the United States. Boilers work by heating water, with the steam or hot water circulated through pipes or radiators in your home. As the water or steam cools, it travels back to the boiler to start the process again. When it comes to installing a new heating system in your New Hampshire home, boilers make a lot of sense. Why install a boiler in your home? The answers vary, but boilers provide a number of tangible advantages. A few of the biggest are listed below.

  • Evenly distributed heat. Unlike furnaces, which usually use a system of ducts to blow hot air throughout the house, boilers don’t heat the space unevenly. Water-based heating infuses the existing air with heat, rather than redistributing hot air throughout the system. This can eliminate drafts, cold spots and other problems with furnace heating.
  • Efficient heating. Boilers can easily heat larger houses and apartment buildings. Big spaces are less of a problem for a properly sized boiler than they are for furnaces or space heaters, and boilers can be scaled to fit the size of whatever space they are heating. Besides that, boilers don’t blow dust around the way furnaces do, and they don’t generate much noise the way that furnaces do. All of that increases their overall efficiency.
  • Zone controls. With boilers it’s very easy to install zone controls, which let you tailor the heat to fit specific tastes and needs. You can choose to heat just the area you’re occupying while leaving the rest of the house cold, or set one temperature for your kitchen and another for the bedroom. That not only gives you greater control over the heat, but helps keep monthly costs in check.

If you know the answer to “why install a boiler?” and need further advice on your New Hampshire heating installation options, call the experts at HB Energy Solutions for advice. We can explain your options to you, then install a boiler in your home with courtesy and professionalism. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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